Trust Services

Lutea’s primary activity is to act as Trustee of International Trusts and to administer those trusts and the underlying assets in accordance with the terms of the trust, the trust law of the particular trust jurisdiction, with the guidance of the Settlor via a Letter of Wishes.

Full definition and uses of trust here.

Lutea can provide trusteeship in Hong Kong, Jersey, Anguilla and the UK.

Lutea’s Trustee services include the following:

– Maintenance of trustee minutes
– Regular monitoring of trust assets
– Maintenance of accounting records
– Production of annual accounts
– Preparation of Trust tax returns (for UK only)
– Provision of relevant information to Settlors, Beneficiaries or their advisers for taxation purposes
– Regular meetings with the Settlor or Principal Beneficiaries of the Trust

All trust assets are registered in the name of the trustees.

Quoted securities will normally be held by a broker or bank and Cash will be deposited with a bank of repute on interest bearing accounts.


Lutea will agree a fee with it’s client to establish a private trust to include reviewing any documentation, drafting of relevant documentation and execution of the trust and procurement of the Trust Fund.

Lutea will charge an annual trustee fee which it will agree with the Settlor and which will be  dependent upon the size, nature, activity, trustees’ responsibility and the time required to administer the Trust Fund.

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