Company Formation & Administration Services

Lutea incorporates private companies in Hong Kong and administers them, providing corporate secretary, registered office, directorship, book keeping and accounting services as required including:

– Maintenance of corporate minutes.
– Regular monitoring of company assets.
– Maintenance of accounting records.
– Production of annual accounts.
– Optionally, production of financial statements on a quarterly basis.
– Preparation of tax returns (for UK only).
– Provision of relevant information to the Owner or his or her adviser for taxation purposes.
– Regular board meetings
– Lutea may provide the Directors to such companies at its discretion.

Lutea will require all activity of the company to be conducted through the Board.


Incorporation: HK$12,500

Act as Corporate Secretary, maintain Shareholder and Directors Register, provide Registered Office,submit annual return – HK$9,000 per year
Provide Directors – HK$7,800 per year
Provide corporate nominee shareholder – HK$5,000 per year

Administration and accountancy – Lutea generally charges for its administration services on a time basis and not by reference to the value of the company’s assets and prefers wherever possible to agree in writing a fixed fee with the owner for its annual administration charge, invoiced annually in advance in January each year.

Because changes in investment policy or unforeseen occurrences may arise from time to time which incur greater time costs than anticipated, Lutea will reserve the right to charge a higher fee if the time costs should exceed the fixed fee. This will usually be done after discussion with you the client.

Online Registration Click here to go to our online company formation site and click the “Company Formation” button to see if your desired company name is available and then follow the online instructions. We will receive a notification once you have submitted the information and then contact you via email.

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