Our core values are bespoke client focus, confidentiality, understanding, discretion and integrity.

We provide practical, timely and expert advice and planning to enable you to successfully protect and grow your wealth for the benefit of your family and the generations to come in a tax efficient manner.

Our Aims
– Protect Wealth
– Ensure Correct Succession
– Mitigate Tax

We listen to you, our client and your Advisers to ascertain your goals and objectives.

We help to establish a plan and advise and educate you ensuring understanding and clarity.

We then implement a solution with the tools at our disposal, be it Wills, Trusts, Companies, Foundations, or Pension Schemes and maintain continuous contact with you and the other beneficiaries adjusting the service as necessitated by ever changing circumstances.

We are remunerated generally on an agreed fee basis for management and administration arrived at by considering the extent and nature of the assets under management, the amount of time, the responsibility and the risk associated with managing each particular structure; reviewed and agreed annually and invoiced per calendar year in advance each January.

Because changes in investment policy or unforeseen occurrences may arise from time to time which incur greater time costs than anticipated, Lutea will reserve the right to charge a higher fee if the time costs should exceed the agreed fee, after discussion with you, the client.

For advisory services we work on a time cost basis under clear and concise terms of engagement providing a reasonable estimate before undertaking any work.