Lutea has been advising and providing private client services to residents of Hong Kong and the surrounding region since the mid 1980’s initially from it’s base in Jersey and latterly through its Hong Kong office in the Central Business District of Hong Kong.

Lutea (Hong Kong) Limited was incorporated on 12 April 2007 and granted Registered Trust Company status in Hong Kong on 14 May 2008. Christian Brown moved to Hong Kong permanently in February 2009 to manage the office and Lutea’s Asia practice, traveling regularly around the region.

Lutea (Hong Kong) Limited acts as trustee of and administers Hong Kong trusts and pension schemes; incorporates, acts as company secretary, director of and administers Hong Kong companies, as well as providing various consultancy, estate planning and will drafting services for its clients.

As Asia becomes more and more the focus of the finance industry, Jurisdictions like Hong Kong and Singapore continue to attract wealth, trade, expertise and investment.

As this has occurred more regulation has been implemented by the Governments of Jurisdictions like Hong Kong to ensure that it can maintain a safe regulatory framework within which businesses and investors and wealth creators and managers can continue to operate.

On 17 July 2013 The Amendment Bill to the Hong Kong Trust Ordinance (originally enacted in 1934) was passed by the Legislative Council in Hong Kong to become effective from 1 December 2013.

The amendments made to the existing law will modernise the trust law in Hong Kong and and help to increase Hong Kong’s competitiveness and attractiveness as a trust jurisdiction at a time when we see more and more wealth takes flight from West to East.