Client Acceptance Form
In order to take you on as a client we need to comply with Hong Kong Anti Money Laundering regulations.
Please complete this form and send it to us with a copy of your passport and a recent utility bill.

Download Client Acceptance Form

Domicile Questionnaire
Our domicile questionnaire should help you to understand the concept and aid us in establishing where you are domiciled.

Download Domicile Questionnaire

Will Questionnaire
In order to efficiently draft your Will we need to have a complete picture of your family and financial affairs,
who is to benefit from your estate and who is to deal with and manage your estate. Please complete the questionnaire and send it to us.

Download Will Questionnaire

Statutory Residence Test – Flowchart & – Key Definitions
From 6 April 2013 the residency rules in the UK have changed. Use these forms to help to determine your own position
and how that could change given certain circumstances.

Download Key Definitions
Download Flowchart