Private Client Services
Lutea acts for private individuals and families across the globe providing practical and holistic Succession Planning, Trusteeship of Family Trusts and Pension Schemes, International Will drafting, company incorporation and administration services and UK Tax Advice.

Independently Owned
Established in 1985, Lutea is owned by its Directors and Consultants. We have no institutional shareholders. We stand and fall by the quality of our service.

Professional Directors and Consultants
Lutea’s Directors and Consultants are all professionally qualified and experienced. Their qualifications and experience cover the fields of Law, Accountancy, Banking, Tax Consultancy, Tax Compliance and Company, Trust and Estate Administration.

Worldwide Coverage
Our offices are geographically located in Jersey, Hong Kong, Anguilla and the UK to gain worldwide coverage and provide a wide range of professional private client services to families and businesses across the globe to protect and maintain family wealth and ensure correct succession down the generations.

Size Isn’t Everything
All the Directors of Lutea have worked in larger organisations, and endured frustration at the inefficiency and poor quality of services provided.

We provide a higher quality, more efficient, more flexible service tailored to your needs.

High in Quality
Each client is appointed two Directors or one Director and one Associate to work with. One Director is the main point of contact; the other is there to cover. In addition an Administrator is assigned to each client who carries out the day to day work.

We like to hold meetings at least once a year, to ensure everything is working satisfactorily. We prefer to provide quarterly financial reports, at least initially, to keep in regular contact with our clients, but can provide these more or less frequently if required.

Efficient Service
We aim to provide quarterly accounts within one month of the quarter end, and annual accounts within three months of the quarter end.

We will adjust our services to meet your needs. We have almost all services available, and it is for you, the client, to decide which you need.

Modern Technology
We use modern technology as much as possible to simplify our lives and enhance our service.

We will keep regular contact with you to ensure we comply with your requirements.

Security of assets
We have long become used to concerns over security issues. Because we are not an institution, nor owned by one, it is a matter we confront regularly.

We overcome this concern as much as possible by the following:

Regulated by Professional Bodies
All the Directors are regulated by their own professional bodies, which include the English Law Society, The Institute of Chartered Accountants, The Chartered Institute of Taxation and the Society of Trust & Estate Practitioners. These, in certain circumstances, require us to take personal responsibility for loss.

Regulated by Financial Services Commissions
From 1 January 2001 there has been rigorous regulation of Trust Companies worldwide. This includes financial and professional indemnity requirements, codes of practice, qualifications of Directors and Managers and compulsory professional development programmes. Lutea complies with the requirements of local Regulators and has done so for many years.

Regular reporting
We believe one of the values of regular reporting is that you will see that the assets are being properly administered.

Safe custody of Your Choice
You may prefer us to use your choice of guardian of the assets, or bank, and for copies of statements etc, to be forwarded to you. We have no difficulty with this.

Professional Indemnity Insurance
Lutea carries comprehensive professional indemnity and employee fidelity insurance which usually exceeds the value of the assets under administration. Where Lutea’s limit does not (to Lutea’s knowledge) exceed such value it will notify the client accordingly. The Insurance is on an “any one claim” basis, enabling each client to claim up to the maximum value of the policy.